Wearable & Useful Art

South Africa


Honesty over perfection  /  at DAISIE JO we embrace our imperfections and humanness  /  it surfaces in the fabrics we source and the textile development of our garments  /  Our studio is a space where our craft is passed on from generations  /  it is important for us to use fashion to create new opportunities & train new generations  /  skill transferring  /  investing in quality  / wearable & useful art /


We focus on EMBROIDERY and fabric manipulation. We use various techniques to have a no waste process in studio, every garment is hand cut & each detail carefully considered. Mindful creation, mindful consumption.



Slow Living  /  Wearable & Useful Art / Limited Edition Pieces  /  Our garments are once off pieces  /  Hand Crafted  /  Slow Fashion   /  Locally Produced  /  Mindful Consumption  /  Playful  /  Sophisticated  /   Striving towards sustainability /   Seasonless  /   Small Batch Collections  /  In House Production   / No Over Production  /  Artisan Obsessed  /  Handmade Textiles  / Once-Off Pieces  /  Ethical & Sustainable Practices  /  Hand Made in South Africa